SeaTec Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Machine

Ordering Codes: MINIPAMPER

A versatile, compact new generation hull-cleaning machine, proven to remove hull fouling from all known coatings, including the very latest low surface energy paints. If a hull has not been regularly cleaned, a build-up of marine growth can occur. The brushes are designed to remove the marine growth whilst preserving the coating system. A selection of brushes are available to suit various types of fouling growth from light slime through to heavy shell coverage. The unique scrub pressure control is used to make fine adjustments to further ensure a quality hull clean.





  • Weight of vehicle in air : 130kg
  • Weight in water : Slightly positive buoyancy
  • Length overall : 1500mm
  • Width overall : 760mm
  • Cleaning width : 650mm
  • Suction force : 400kg
  • Max speed : 7 m/sec
  • Max theoretical cleaning rate : 1755m² per hr
  • Practical achievable cleaning rate : 1100m² per hour

NB: Specification may change due to constant development of the vehicle

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50m, 100m

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