Coltri Sub MCH16 ET Compact Breathing Air Compressor

Ordering Code: SC000260

The COMPACT model has been designed with control systems that allow the effective monitoring of operations. The models of this line are equipped with two connections for high pressure tubes (from 232 to 330 bar), interstage pressure controls, oil level, internal cab temperature and rotation direction detector. They are equipped with three-phase motors and powerful pumping units (MCH 13, MCH 16 and MCH 18 depending on the specific model), automatic condensate drain and electric panel for management of the automatic shut-off of the compressor.

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  • Driven By:Three-phase Electric Motor. 400 VAC-50Hz
  • Operating Pressure: 232 – 300 – 330 bar
  • Charging Rate: 315 l/min – 18,90 m³/h – 11.12 CFM FAD
  • Filling Time*: 6 min. 20 sec
  •  Dimensions: H x W x D: 900mm x 930mm x 640mm
  • Net Weight: 163 kg
  • Noise:  81 dB

*Filling time cylinder 10 l-0/200 bar (measured by filling cylinder from 0 to 200 bar ±5%)


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